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Greetings! I'm Wren Link Stout, a dedicated video game artist, lifelong illustrator, and animator with a knack for digital painting, which I've been honing since 1998 when I was 8 years old. My artistic journey started blooming on the internet in 2003 where I began sharing my unique art pieces.
In 2006, I ventured into the professional realm when I was hired as an illustrator and animator for Over 18 years, I have been lucky to collaborate with a delightful mix of clients seeking portraits, concept art, visual development, storyboards, animation shorts, music videos, as well as book illustrations and covers. My talent canvas also extends to prestigious projects with Universal Pictures, MGM, and Netflix.

I strive to turn ideas into visually captivating narratives and create memorable art pieces that permeate the audience mind. Thank you for joining me on my creative journey.

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